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need help!!result on hold!

  1. 0 i have took my test on 1#,march,but the pvt trick shows my "result on hold" ,it has been for 7 days,i am so anxiety,i even can't sleep,God!pls let me know if i pass or not,waiting is killing me!!
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    Try calling the place where you took it or the ATI testing headquarters
    They are probably the only two people who can help you or know why you haven't gotten your scores yet.
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    tks!i will try it tomorrow morning!but,i don't understand why i should call the ATI?Anyway.i will try to cantact the test center where i took the test.tks !
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    You should call ATI because you are talking about their TEAS exam. Did you mean to say you took the NCLEX?
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    yes ,i took NCLEX.i WILL try the call.
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    thank u ,chasew,i passed!!!!after 12 days on hold ,i passed!!!
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    Congratulations! Did you ever find out why your results were on hold?
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    My TEAS score was blocked until all the prospective students had completed exam. About 30 days, then it was unblocked. Call your school and they will let you know when it will be unlocked.