My TEAS Score... good enough?

  1. 0 Just took the TEAS:

    Adjusted Score: 86.7%

    Reading: 92.9%
    Math: 90%
    Science: 72.9%
    English: 96.7%

    Percentile National: 97%
    Percentile Program: 99%

    I guess I'm only nervous because my science score is the low one... also, I'm applying to Georgia State University, which is pretty competitive. Anyone know averages for the school or if I should definitely retake this? Thanks!
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    Taking it again tomorrow morning - wish me luck!

    Does anyone know - can I pick whichever score is better and send that?
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    idk if you can pick the higher one or not. you will have to call the school and ask. my school requires the HESI A2 and only the last score is counted. you did very well on the TEAS. the national average is very low - mid 60s, low 70s. i scored a 78, which is horrible, but to the school I applied to, it is still considered above average and "good."

    good luck!
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    any of you have the material or is there a good one online?
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    i bought the study guide.
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    where did you get it?
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    You can buy mine from me if you want. I'm done with it! But I'd have to ship it Monday since there's no mail tomorrow.
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    is there any online? or you live in CA?
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    and how much it will cost me? maybe if you close enough i can pick it up.
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    No, I live in Atlanta.
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    i had to order mine online. and im not any closer. i'm in minnesota, lol
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    Retook it and ended up with a 91.3%. I highly recommend everyone take it twice! It was great knowing what to expect!
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    That's awesome you took it again and scored higher. Im in Southern CA and schools here only take the first score you ever had. Or, they take the first score in a year of time. So, that makes it very difficult if you scored lower than you wanted and you want to retake it.

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