My 1st Teas Experience

  1. I just took the Teas for the first time today. I have read many different posts on this site from those who have taken the test and some who are preparing to take it. I myself prepared for a month. I bought the official study guide, both the practice test, the Mcgraw Hills practice tests and Goggled like crazy. Even found some great tips here. My message is that you can prepare as well as possible but if you run out of time, all of that preparation will be for nothing. When taking the study guide, and online practice tests, I made the mistake of not timing myself.

    Boy was that a mistake. I ran out of time on the Reading and Math. Long passages, lengthy directions (maps) and Math story problems were my enemies. The format is a bit similar to the online practice exams but not as easy as the study guide practice exams. Now the study guide did prepare me very well for the Science and English portion. Be sure to go more into depth with the Science subjects though,(like the organs and functions) the study guide just provides an overview, but it does very well with the English. I would have done a lot better if I didn't run out of time. It is easier than the practice exams, just know a lot about DNA and RNA transcription and base pairing. I am for sure that the chances of you seeing an exam like mine if very slim, there were 4 other girls around me taking the same exam and the disclaimer said they were all different, just in case someone wanted to peek I guess. Overall I was very disappointed in myself, but hopeful for next time. I won't let this test beat me again!
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    I don't think it will be the exact same test but very similar. I took it at Ivy tech in Fort Wayne. The nursing department only allows you to take the Teas 2 times every 2 years. So I am assuming this is because the more you take the test, the more familiar you will be with the content and this would make it too easy. So this is my last chance. This just adds more pressure, but I have also heard some say that their reading section was only one paragraph questions. I hope I get that one this time LOL. I think the reading section is very easy, been practicing speed reading I also don't think its fair that they add 20 non scored questions that take away from your time. Good luck on your second chance.
  4. by   am0982
    aw no that sucks, yea i took the teas v and it was tough, although i passed i didnt think i did as well as i did. hang in there.. USE THE ATI book and the Everything you need to know about the Teas V book! very helpful!