how long did you study for the TEAS

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    Okay so I am taking the Teas V in December, and I have been studying since September. I am totally freaking out about this exam.

    How long have you studied for and what were your results??

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    I studied roughly 1.5 weeks using the Kaplan and McGraw-Hill books.

    Adjusted Individual Score: 88%
    Percentile National: 99
    Percentile Program 95

    Relax. Do a lot of practice questions, and focus on your weaknesses! You have the potential to well on this exam, and you'll do great!
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    two months. the site helped me pass the science but the math I didnt do well on
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    I used the ATI book and did not do well. I have read numerous forums where people agree that the Kaplan and McGraw-Hill study books are much better in preparing you.
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    I think all three books are good. But the McGraw covers basic Geometry which the ATI book does not even mention. Because there was basic Geometry on my math portion
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    The McGraw-Hill book was good for basic math review and science. The only thing I felt those books didn't help with was reading. When I took the Kaplan Nursing School Entrance Test, I scored a 98% in the reading, but I only scored 85% on the TEAS V reading. I have a feeling the ATI book would have helped with that.

    The reason I used Kaplan and McGraw-Hill was because I had the Kaplan review book from when I took the Kaplan test earlier this year. The McGraw-Hill book was at the library, and with less than 2 weeks to prepare, there was no point in ordering the ATI prep book.

    Kaplan has a very detailed science section, and I would defintitely recommend reading and understanding the science section in McGraw-Hill before attempting to read the Kaplan science section. I only skimmed certain parts of the Kaplan for science. They do, however, have some great tables for math!
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    I agree with AddisonLawrence03 about the geometry covered in McGraw-Hill. It covered EXACTLY what I saw on my TEAS in terms of Geometry.
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    What are the titles of the McGraw-Hill and Kaplan books? I searched on amazon for McGraw-Hill and it brought up a Nursing School Entrance Exam book, JUst wanna make sure I get the right items! My test is next friday and I already have tthe ATI book. I am terrified!
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    McGraw-Hill Nursing School Entrance Exams. It was from 2008 or 2009 and had 8 practice exams (2 for each subject). It is orange and white with a person in scrubs on the front.

    The Kaplan book I used is Kaplan Nursing School Entrance Exams (fourth edition). It's purple.

    Have you checked to see if either are available at your library? My library had a few books, but the McGraw-Hill was the only one I could get my hands on at the time. Also, I paid $20 for the Kaplan book, and my local Barnes & Noble got it in in a few days.

    I know I've seen other people mention this website, but there are some more practice questions here. I only did the science ones and a few of the math.
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    Just to update: I took the TEAS V on November 18th and got an 83 overall! I only had the ATI book I got off Amazon, studied for about two weeks solid, focused mainly on math because it's been 15 years since I was in school. I wish I had studied more on the science...I only did bad on the chemistry/physics part. I did great on everything else..only miss ONE math question! I am so excited and Ihope HCC likes my scores when I apply in January. Good luck!
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