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How is the TEAS graded?

  1. 0 I have the ATI study guide and before reviewing any information I decided to make copies of the practice tests to take one before and one after I am down studying the manual. I just completed the reading portion and out of 42 questions I missed 7 which I know is terrible, but how would that be graded? Is there some magical equation used to grade the actual TEAS? Thanks!
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    There is a magical equation. From what I understand is that the test has "easy" questions and "hard" questions and "study" questions. You get more points for answering harder questions right and no points for the "study" questions. I believe every section has the 5 study questions... the ATI book explains why they do that, but they don't count against you or anything.

    When you are done with the exam your score is called an Adjusted Individual Score (AIS) which does all the math for you for the easy and hard questions you got right or wrong.

    Does that make sense?
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    Lol, yes it makes sense! Thank you!
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    Quote from proudtobehismommy
    Lol, yes it makes sense! Thank you!
    You are so welcome! Good luck!!