Error: Subreport Could Not Be Shown

  1. 0 I just finished taking my Teas test and when the results generated first nothing showed up and then the individual scores showed up but the top where it tells you what you made and what school the results are being set to, it said "Error: Subreport Could Not Be Shown". Has this ever happened to anyone before? What is it doing? It's the weekend so ATI customer service isn't open right now.
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    I am not too sure why you had this problem. I would suggest you close your browser session and then log back in to the account using a new browser window. Good luck!
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    Thank you, but that doesn't work either. I tried it a few times and I signed on at my house and looked up my scores. It just doesn't work. I will call on Monday in the morning. Thank you again.
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    Currently having same problem Im trying to look at my scores but the top part is not loading im getting the same message im also trying to purchase a transcript and it wont allow me

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