Any 2nd timers who ran out of time like me

  1. 0 Hello, I just wanted to let anyone who has to take the Teas test again because they ran out time a quick tip. For me, I ran out of time during the reading comprehension and math parts. Today, I retook the Teas and my plan worked for me and maybe it will for you too. For reading, I skipped every long passage and did all of the short ones first. I had only 3 long reading passages and at the end I had like 15 mins extra. And pretty much the same for the math too. I skipped the ones that needed the most attention and did all the ones I could do easily and I had extra time at the end again. BTW, I PASSED!!!! Good luck to everyone who still needs to take the Teas.

    P.S. I studied with the Mcgraw hill teas book and nothing else.
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