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I have been studying the ATI study guide for TEAS V and I did quite a bit better on the second practice test in that book than I did a week before on the first one. But tonight I paid for one of the online versions of the... Read More

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    I remember lots and lots of fractions!
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    Quote from BeachBedhead
    Oh all up there in nor cal eh?
    All the so cal schools I am applying to: CSULB, CSULA, CSUSB, APU for fall 2012 and some ADN programs for spring 2012
    I have already applied to 2 ADN programs already. I am wondering what I do if I get accepted to the ADN programs for spring, should I start them? If so, what if one of the BSN programs accept me?
    Gosh, its ridiculous how competitive things have gotten.
    Oh yea. I am desperately trying to avoid Socal. LOL. <3

    Hmm... That is a tough one. I'm applying to a couple of ADN programs for the fall. Maybe you should try to get into those programs during the fall as well? It would suck getting into an ADN program & then finding out that you're good for BSN or if you get into an ADN program & don't go, but get rejected for the BSN programs... That seems the best way to me.
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    Yea which way is best?
    I am applying with friend and her grades are ok. She wants us to apply everywhere now. Lol. Well I am wondering, say I get accepted to the ADN for spring, apply for the BSN programs and then if I get accepted to the BSN program, just transfer over to the BSN program? I'm sure I'm not the first and only one to be in this predicament...
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    I've seen a lot of posts regarding a McGraw-Hill Study Guide. Is this the same as the M-H Nursing School Entrance Exams textbook? I'd like to go ahead and purchase this book (in addition to my ATI TEAS V study manual) just to further brush up on some subjects I've not had since highschool :smackingf
    anyone out there who could help me with this information? Would it even be worth purchasing another book? Does the M-H study guide prove to be helpful on the science portion?
    I take the exam on Oct. 18th
    any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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    I just used the ATI study guide and did okay for myself. I used the pre-tests available and then brushed up on the subjects that I was clearly still fuzzy on. The most important thing to do is not to psych yourself out- everything on the TEAS, you will have seen before- the trick is just getting it back out!
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    Thanks for the advice. psyching myself out is by far my worst enemy! any timed tests - my second worst enemy. I am just trying to go thru what I have right now and hope for the best. This is the first year (I think) that my school is requiring students to take the test for a requirement into the program. I've spoken to the advisors and apparently they aren't even going to look at the science scores because they are so terrible!
    lol scary! but I still would like to do my very best in every subject!
    Thanks again for the advice.
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    I took the TEAS V today and all i could say is WOW, but here is a few of the things you should review

    READING: Basically everything that is on the manual is on the test, all those concepts.

    MATH: Definetly know FOIL, know fractions and inequalities, ratios, proportions formula.

    SCIENCE: know how to get the atomic mass, know basically all the actions of the organelles in a cell, know the differences and similarities of prokaryotes and eukaryotes, know scientific reasoning alot of that was on the test...I felt like the book was really good at preparing me for the science section.

    ENGLISH: know simple sentences, verbs, nouns etc.., i felt like everything that was in the manual was on the test for this section so defintely know it all.

    GOOD luck to everybody!!! study study study!!!!
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    I have the pdf for teas secrets and the McGraw book
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    I took the TEAS V test and need to do better on the Reading. I did better on the practice test. Any suggestions on how to study better? I also took the two practice tests from the website.

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    The questions for the Reading seemed to be very confusing for me and difficult! Please help!!

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