ADN vs BSN on TEAS v results, HELP PLEASE!!!

  1. 0 I am planning to apply to SF State's BSN nursing program this month..The first time I took the TEAS V exam was this summer in August 12 and I decided to take it again last Saturday on November 17. I was happier with my results with my first TEAS exam and I have sent them out to SF State but then I noticed for program type it said ADN. I never chose ADN and I think perhaps there has been a mistake. Does that mean these scores are invalid for me to apply to SF State's BSN nursing program or can there be a simple change to change it to BSN instead? Please, I need to know as soon as possible because the application window closes November 30th.

    Thank you for your help.
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    I would call or email the admissions office to make sure, but it's the same TEAS. The program type is just used to formulate the average score (so if it shows you as being in, say, the 90th percentile in the mathematics section then you did better than 90% of others who marked their program type as ASN).
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    I was wondering what your outcome was? I know I'm late but did it all work out? Did they accept your program type even though it was wrong?

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