86 wouldn't be good enough?

  1. I am currently in a CNA class besides my TEAS V prep class. Today in class I asked my teacher if she knew what the average score was to get into the LVN program I would like to get into next fall, and well she said last year one of her students had an 86 and she wasn't accepted. I was really surprised by that especially knowing someone who just got a 74 a couple of months ago and she just got an acceptance letter for an ADN program. So I need to make sure that I get somewhere in the 90's and it just seems like so much. Sorry I am kind of venting here about how worried I am but WHat are you guys aiming for in scores for the programs of your choice?
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  3. by   PhillippaX50
    I was just calculating points a little while ago....my acceptance (bsn) depends on my gpa, attempts at pre-req's, Teas and timed essay. My gpa is good and I'll get full points for attempts. I'd like to get a 90 or higher on the teas, but if I get an 80 and do good on the essay I'll still have a competitive score. I'd be happy with anything in the 80's, happier in the 90's.

    Just study really hard & aim for a high score - all you can do is do your best! I think an 86 is good. It's possible that the person your teacher was referring to had other things working against him/her (gpa, essay, etc) - but I don't know what your school looks at other than the teas. It usually has a lot to do with how many spots are available, number of applicants, etc. as well.
  4. by   SoCaliCNA
    They are only looking at Teas V scores, essay (which must be hand written), the way you fill out your application (if you miss anything it is thrown out), and your proof that you have reliable transportation. I guess before it was more of a first come first served basis but since there is about 4 to 5 hundred applicants they are changing things up. I just spoke with someone there and they also said they are changing the ways to get the applications also. All I can do is study hard and try my best!
  5. by   mz23
    I got 79.3 but plan on retaking and aiming for the 90s though id be happy with 85+
  6. by   SoCaliCNA
    I am going to call on Monday and see if we can take it more than once because one of the schools I thought of going to only takes the score for your first test take.