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I am interested in starting this thread in order to connect with fellow CRNA students as well as get to know students from other programs - so that we may all share in the bumpy road we are about to... Read More

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    Just got the call yesterday! Going to Pitt & starting in January!
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    Texas Wesleyan starting fall 2010! Congrats everyone!
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    Butterfly. As a SRNA I would like to tell you that an AA is nothing like a CRNA. An AA is nothing but the whipping boy of MDA's. AA's cannot practice independently CRNA's can. AA where created by MDA's to try to siphon money away from CRNA's because they have total control over their little assistants. Please as a nurse yourself you should never compare the two.
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    UT Houston strarting Fall 2010, but taking classes this Summer to lighten load. Congrats to Everyone! We did it!
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    Do you mind sharing your stats? I am applying to Scranton this summer and know quite a few people in the program already? What type of experience do you have, if you don't mind me asking? Anyplace around the Lehigh Valley area?
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    Hi, I will be starting the nurse anesthesia program at Columbia in June 2010. It is funny, I went to the University of Scranton for my first BS. Congrats and best wishes! I hope we all do well!
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    I will be starting at Union University in TN in Jan. Good luck to all!
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    I will be starting the CRNA program at LSU in New Orleans 2010! We get time off for Mardi Gras . Got to love it!
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    BB - how do you like Scranton's program so far?

    ILovemyJackRT - did you apply and/or interview with Scranton? What are your thoughts on the program? I can't find too much info on them other than "people have heard good things."

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    Hamot starting in Jan.
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    I have an interview at scranton in nov for the CRNA program.Any useful help will be highly appreciated.

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