Whose going to Anesthesia School?! - page 3

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I am interested in starting this thread in order to connect with fellow CRNA students as well as get to know students from other programs - so that we may all share in the bumpy road we are about to partake... I will be... Read More

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    I will be starting the CRNA program at LSU in New Orleans 2010! We get time off for Mardi Gras . Got to love it!
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    BB - how do you like Scranton's program so far?

    ILovemyJackRT - did you apply and/or interview with Scranton? What are your thoughts on the program? I can't find too much info on them other than "people have heard good things."

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    Hamot starting in Jan.
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    I have an interview at scranton in nov for the CRNA program.Any useful help will be highly appreciated.