Where you afraid of becoming a CRNA?

  1. In the process of figuring out you wanted to be a CRNA where you afraid of all of the responsibility that comes with it? Example, I was scared to death my first time in the ICU, afraid of the vent, all the drips, codes....you name it. I do want to pursue my education to become a CRNA, but it seems soooo scary considering I'm putting someone to sleep that may not wake up.
    I would like to hear from CRNA's and SRNA's about your experience with your new responsibilities. Did any of you feel this way at any point? And do you still feel this way the further along in you career?
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  3. by   ICUDOUCME?
    Of course I'm scared. I don't think about it too much because I am afraid I would run and never look back. But somebody has to do it. And I am a good person with good intentions so why not me?. I pay attention to detail and I prepare the best I can. Will I make mistakes? Yes. But you can't let that stop you.

    Fear serves a very good purpose in this line of work. It keeps you vigilant. I would worry more about the person who is not afraid than the one who is.