What traits make an individual a candidate for CRNA Career?

  1. I've been thinking about CRNA since I began taking my pre-reqs two years ago & now I am one semester away from getting my BS in nursing. There are a lot of areas I'm interested in but being almost the oldest person in my cohort (child, wife, different priorities), I need to be a little more realistic & practical than most of the younger folks.

    So I am trying to find out what are the kinds of things that interests a typical CRNA, what is the personality type, what areas do they typically excel in, enjoy, dislike, etc.

    For example, I am facinated by medications, the different classes, their respective mechanism of action, physiology/anatomy (all the parts & pieces & the systems). Is that consistent with a CRNA? I'm also a former salesman so I am very competitive & I like pressure... does that fit the profile?

    These are the kinds of things I am trying to figure out, not that it is a rewarding career with many benefits and so on (I've already read numerous testimonials).

    Trying to figure out if the things that I've liked in my nursing education thus far and my personality are consistent in terms of a career as a CRNA.

    Any insight is greatly appreciated...
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  3. by   naptime14
    I think every one of your personality traits describes a CRNA. Very Type A personality, can handle stress well, loves pressure, highly interested in the pharmacology of medications (you pretty much have to know everything about every drug, volatile anesthetic, etc.), anatomy and phys. is also a major part of it. Shadow a CRNA for a few days and you will see. Good luck!
  4. by   missnurse01
    i agree with shadowing!
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