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What got you into school? - page 6

I was wondering if those who were accepted to Nurse Anesthetist schools this year and the past 2 years could post your stats for which schools you applied to and got an interview, what your undergrad... Read More

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    BSN GPA 3.6
    Science GPA 3.75
    Did not take GRE's
    ACLS, PALS, TNCC, Burn and Wound care certified, and CCRN
    4 years exp. MICU/PICU
    6 month deployed in a ICU in IRAQ- was Nurse Manager
    5 years in the Army as a Nurse

    I got accepted to two programs. I believed what help get me in was my military experience. I touch upon the many leadership opportunities I recieved during my service.
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    Keep this thread active! We've got some really good responses!
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    BSN GPA- 3.4
    Science GPA- 3.0
    Cum GPA-3.18
    1 yr STICU experience at time of interview

    Applied to 6 schools, accepted at 3 (one after being waitlisted), waitlisted at 2 , rejected at 2.
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    C'mon SRNA's let's hear your stats!
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    Approximate stats

    bsn gpa 3.9
    science 4.0
    overall between 3.8-3.9
    gre 1130
    3 years icu
    acls BLS pals ccrn tncc
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    wow thats nice! gjob! which schools did you get accepted to??
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    for those of you that applied to schools what qualities were you looking for that made you want to apply and attend a certain school? was it tuition? location? # students?
    please share! thanks! =)
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    Tuition and affordable cost of living.
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    BSN Cum GPA 3.6
    GRE 1030 :| blek my least favorite thing to do
    Research Council Chair, EBP Advisory Council, Unit based council
    PI in research project accepted for publication in AJCC
    5 years exp Neuro ICU lvl 1 trauma, CCU, float ICU

    Interviewed at 4 schools, wait listed at 2, accepted to one of those, accepted to another and rejected from my first interview because I bombed it.

    Interviewing was a learning experience, and I soon learned that I needed to get more involved and start doing things to make myself stand out. The last school I applied to was a completely different experience than all the other interviews. I felt so much more confident and ready for school. I had a killer goal statement along with my interview going extremely well. I was notified of acceptance in less than 2 weeks. I am now in my 2nd semester and loving my program! I still can't believe I'm really here!
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    Reason I picked my program:

    DNP, frontloaded, small class size, invested in students' success, trained to be independent providers
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