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I was wondering if those who were accepted to Nurse Anesthetist schools this year and the past 2 years could post your stats for which schools you applied to and got an interview, what your undergrad GPA was, GRE scores, years of... Read More

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    BS - 2.67
    ADN - 3.59
    BSN - 3.4
    GRE - 910
    ICU Experience - 8 yrears
    Pediatric and adult CCRN
    And my good looks :-)

    As you can see it is not all about the numbers, if you do well at the interview you have a very good chance of acceptance.

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    BS in Business GPA 3.5
    Diploma RN GPA 3.0
    Science GPA 4.0
    GRE 960 writing 4/6
    ACLS, PALS, no CCRN yet
    1.5 years exp in Cardiac ICU at time of interview
    4 years Firefighter / EMT
    2 years ED tech
    Great interviewing skills

    I was accepted to 2 schools probably because I tend to interview well. Don't give up if your qualifications don't look so good on paper. If lucky enough to land an interview, make sure you are highly prepared (do your homework on the school and profession), and be cool, calm, confident, excited, well dressed, arrive early, have a pen on you, and always be humble.

    The best of luck to you and wish me luck in CRNA school!
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    BSN GPA 3.6
    Science GPA 3.75
    Did not take GRE's
    ACLS, PALS, TNCC, Burn and Wound care certified, and CCRN
    4 years exp. MICU/PICU
    6 month deployed in a ICU in IRAQ- was Nurse Manager
    5 years in the Army as a Nurse

    I got accepted to two programs. I believed what help get me in was my military experience. I touch upon the many leadership opportunities I recieved during my service.
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    Keep this thread active! We've got some really good responses!
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    BSN GPA- 3.4
    Science GPA- 3.0
    Cum GPA-3.18
    1 yr STICU experience at time of interview

    Applied to 6 schools, accepted at 3 (one after being waitlisted), waitlisted at 2 , rejected at 2.
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    C'mon SRNA's let's hear your stats!
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    Approximate stats

    bsn gpa 3.9
    science 4.0
    overall between 3.8-3.9
    gre 1130
    3 years icu
    acls BLS pals ccrn tncc
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    wow thats nice! gjob! which schools did you get accepted to??
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    for those of you that applied to schools what qualities were you looking for that made you want to apply and attend a certain school? was it tuition? location? # students?
    please share! thanks! =)
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    Tuition and affordable cost of living.

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