Western Carolina Interview

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    I was invited to interview at Western Carolina University and was wondering if anyone might be willing to share their interview experience with me.

    I am curious to know if I should expect clinical questions, personal questions or both. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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    I'm interviewing too... word on the street is:

    Describe a patient scenario. What interventions did you provide? Know hemodynamic responses, PA catheter numbers if available, pharmacologic minutia. Sound like they'll drill down to the nitty gritty on pressors, inotropes and other relevant details. I believe the interview will be clinically oriented.

    Other questions I've heard asked seem pretty standard: Why this profession? Strengths and weaknesses? etc.

    Best of luck to both of us... is WCU your primary choice?
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    Thanks for the info. I am really looking forward to my interview.

    Western is my first choice. I'm hopeful.

    What about you? Where else are you applying.

    Good luck!

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    Got an interview at Duke on the 31st. When is your interview at WCU?

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    I'm set to interview tomorrow morning. How about you?

    Is Duke or Western your top choice? Just curious.

    Good luck in your interviews!

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    Hey Sallie,
    I interview at WCU on Friday morning. I've been studying up on stuff. How about you? I hope that it goes great for you tomorrow...I'll be driving down from Indianapolis. What hospital do you work at and are you in the ICU? I work in the SICU at Simon Cancer Center at IU Medical Center in Indy. Let me know how things go. I interview at 9:00 on Friday.
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    Hi Kyle,

    Thanks for your kind words. I wish you well on Friday.

    I've been studying for the past few weeks, mainly CCRN review books. Currently, I live in Asheville and work at Mission in NTICU.

    Safe travels and good luck!

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    Hey Sallie... I work in CVICU at MH too. Used to work occasionally in NTICU when I was in the staffing pool. How're you liking your new setting?

    Did Mark apply? We took a GRE prep class together.

    I thought I replied to your post earlier, but don't see it. I interview at 0800 tomorrow. First one. Hitting the sack now. I bet I'll be up at 0300...
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    Hey Sallie,
    How did things go? I hope they went well. They called me and gave me an invitation to attend. So I'm kinda excited about that...nervous though cause I have to uproot from friends, church, and family and take my family down there. Keep me posted.
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    Congrats! I will be joining you in the Class of 2012. Let me know if you have any questions about Asheville as you make the move. It is a wonderful place to live.

    See you in a couple months.


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