UPenn CRNA 2012 University of Pennyslvania

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    Is anyone starting in the CRNA program at UPenn in May 2012?
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    Interviewed in Sept but didn't hear anything back - when did you interview/gain acceptance?
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    I interviewed in September as well and I just got my acceptance letter yesterday for 2012!
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    I was just notified on the 4th that I was accepted for 2012. But, I have also been accepted to TJU...So I'm trying to decide between the two. Any thoughts or suggestions?
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    There is a thread and someone posted some information about the program at upenn

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    anyone else out there
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    I officially decided to attend UPenn, so I will see you all there in May! Is anyone planning to take some classes early? If so, which ones and where are you taking them (if not at UPenn)? I plan to take several classes early, but know that you can transfer 2 classes from outside UPenn (it's a bit more affordable this way). I was just wondering what you all were thinking or planning to do.
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    I'm going to be starting in May 2012 at PENN too we should all exchange contact information! Where is everyone from?

    I am taking Nursing Research and Health Policy before I start at Penn- so those will be the two classes that I transfer in. I am taking them through Liberty University online, which many people recommended. I am lucky that the hospital I am currently working for is paying for those, so it should be a little bit of weight off my shoulders!
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    Congrats to everyone who was accepted! I know we're all really excited! I hadn't thought about taking courses prior to starting since I am not in the area--but an online course might help. My name is Megan and I'm from Houston..where else is everyone from?
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    My name is Ellen and I am originally from Philadelphia, but living in DC now where I have been working for almost two years-- I am really excited to get back to my city