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  1. by   bloomRN
    Elk280: you can disregard my previous question about whether those classes were approved for transfer credit at PENN. I just found out from an advisor that "another student submitted the syllabi for those courses and they were approved"...So, barring some problem with registering for classes, I will be taking the same two classes at Liberty as well! I am also going to take Pharm (N508) at PENN this coming semester. It took special approval to take this class since apparently Patho is a pre-req...but I got permission. Hopefully all this work early on pays off later during the program!
  2. by   brymanRN
    I am starting in May 2013 at Upenn. Any sugguestions, have you talked to anyone in the program or faculty. What is the best way to prepare?
    I am from Cincinnati, my wife is a nurse we are looking to move up there sometime in April 2013, and my wife is looking to get into pediatric nursing. She has a MSN and a CNL from Xavier University. She has 3-4 years of nursing experience (Adult tele/neuro), what are the best hospitals for her to apply to?
    Any sugguestion on safe and nice areas to live? We are going to have a baby girl in September (our first!!). Also for out of staters, how long did it take to transfer your nursing license into Pennsylvania, any sugguestions on this process? Sorry about all the questions I am just trying to plan ahead since I will have a new baby in a big city. Thank you.
  3. by   bloomRN
    Hi brymanRN,

    Congratulations on getting accepted! Oh, and congratulations on your soon to be addition to the family, exciting times for you and your family!

    To answer a few of your questions:

    Safe/family friendly areas in Philly: Roxborough/Manayunk is great and some people also suggested the Art Museum area.

    What to do to prepare: You can transfer up to 2 classes in so I would recommend taking 2 classes (they have to be approved through the school for transfer first, and you can do them online). Everyone I have talked to says doing that makes a huge difference. Liberty Univeristy Online offers a research class and another (I forget the name) that have been approved for transfer credit.

    Getting a PA nursing license: I didn't think it took very long or was too difficulty to get a PA nursing license. But, be aware that you will also have to get a nursing license from NJ and DE and they are a bit more of a hassle for some reason

    Which hospital should your wife work at: I don't know the answer to this one because I am not a pediatric nurse, and I have never worked in any of the Philadelphia area hospitals. But, there are a LOT of hospitals in the area and she should have plenty of options.

    Have I talked with any faculty/students: Yes! I have talked with the director several times via email and phone. I also spoke with several students from the program when I was trying to decide which program I wanted to attend. Furthermore, when you get closer to starting time, the program will set you up with a mentor (someone already in the program) to help you figure things out and get started on the right foot.

    I hope this information is helpful. Again, congratulations! SERIOUSLY consider taking some classes early if you can manage it.

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  4. by   brymanRN
    Thank you I am extremely excited and slightly nervous- about school and the birth of my child.
    Those are great suggestion I think I will look to take 2 classes before I start. I am wondering if they will accept my graduate level research class I took at The University of Cincinnati. You don't remember what department is in charge of class approval, do you?

    I appreciate the advice on the living areas. I've only been to philadelphia twice. I'm sure my wife will have no trouble finding a job she's a great applicant.

    That is great, I am glad they set you up with a mentor. Poor mentor that is assigned to me, Ill do my best not to flood him/ her with million questions.

    Thank you for the advice. I'm excited to start at penn!

    If anyone else out there is starting at Penn in May 2013 ??
  5. by   bloomRN
    Hey BrymanRN,

    Sorry to take so long to answer your question regarding who is in chage of class approval. I looked at my old emails and the person I emailed about this is Andrea. Her email address is allmayer@nursing.upenn.edu You should email her the course description along with a syllabus for the courses you wish to transfer. Also, remember that you can only transfer 2 classes to Penn.

    Good luck,

  6. by   end217
    Hi BrymanRN

    I have been accepted to Penn's Program May 2013 Class. Have you had any luck with taking classes ahead of time?