University of South Carolina - CRNA Interview

  1. Just trying to get a thread started about USC's CRNA Program. Anyone a student there? Or been through the application/interview process? Any information would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   tjadenhl
    I applied to SC's program but haven't heard anything about an interview date yet. Have you heard anything?
  4. by   ICUnurselovely
    I've applied there and have an interview on the 19th. I've heard mixed things about the interview, so I'm not sure how it will go. Some say laid back, a get to know you type interview. Some say a few clinical/ethical questions. Also, it may change from year to year. I'm nervous but trying to stay positive, wish I knew more.
  5. by   roe1979
    Now that interviews are over, has anyone heard anything yet?!I interviewed on June 5 and have been waiting for awhile for the rest of the interview days to be over. I expected to hear something by now though. Waiting sucks!
  6. by   cassie1
    Emails went out Friday, June 22, for those who have been accepted or are on the alternate list.