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University of South Carolina - CRNA Interview

  1. 0 Just trying to get a thread started about USC's CRNA Program. Anyone a student there? Or been through the application/interview process? Any information would be greatly appreciated!
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    I applied to SC's program but haven't heard anything about an interview date yet. Have you heard anything?
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    I've applied there and have an interview on the 19th. I've heard mixed things about the interview, so I'm not sure how it will go. Some say laid back, a get to know you type interview. Some say a few clinical/ethical questions. Also, it may change from year to year. I'm nervous but trying to stay positive, wish I knew more.
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    Now that interviews are over, has anyone heard anything yet?!I interviewed on June 5 and have been waiting for awhile for the rest of the interview days to be over. I expected to hear something by now though. Waiting sucks!
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    Emails went out Friday, June 22, for those who have been accepted or are on the alternate list.