University of Arizona CRNA

  1. Hi guys, I am planning on applying for the CRNA program at the University of Arizona this year. Anybody else? Is anybody already in the program that can give feedback? I'm also curious, are people rounding their GPA's to the nearest tenth?
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  3. by   cvicunurse123
    I applied for summer 2018! now patiently waiting
  4. by   Rnfuturecrna2017
    Did you receive anything after you submitted your application? I just received an email confirming my application payment.
  5. by   cvicunurse123
    Yeah the same thing! Does anyone know how long it takes to hear about an interview??
  6. by   Rnfuturecrna2017
    I've heard people hearing back in late January about interviews. Not sure if it will be the same this time around.
  7. by   Rnfuturecrna2017
    Hi guys, I'm excited to say I received an email today notifying me I was selected for an interview. I was told they will be sending out emails from early to mid November.
  8. by   cvicunurse123
    Do you posting your stats?
  9. by   Rnfuturecrna2017
    A little over 4 years of working in a CVICU. I do IABP, Impella, recover open heart patients, CRRT. Science GPA 4.0. BSN GPA 4.0 ADN GPA 3.6. RN BSN CCRN
  10. by   kmvrn
    CONGRATS rnfuturecrna2017
    I was extended an interview, as well. Have you heard what the interview process is like? I think I may have emailed from an email you left on a different post. When is your interview? Are you from Arizona? Congrats!! Thanks in advanced!!