UMDNJ CRNA 2013 - page 2

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What did everyone think of the interview? It was not as crazy as I expected. Few drugs and personal questions. Good luck and hope to see you in the fall!!!... Read More

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    Hi vasoactivern... Tried to respond to your message but it won't let me bc I don't have enough posts, but I live there too! Did you interview Friday or Saturday?
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    Good luck guys.
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    thanks! waiting for the mail today... torture.
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    @VasoactiveRN- further out than you. Mail doesn't come til 3:30-4PM. Crossing fingers* I wish I could send private messages!
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    You have to have 15 posts to send PMs.. still waiting too
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    Got my letter today!!!! Hope you get yours too Vasoactive!
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    I did!! Congrats, see you soon.
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    Congrats!!! PM me your email address and I'll send you a message there. So excited! I wonder who else is in our class... looking forward to meeting everyone!
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    From now on....since you got accepted, I would be very careful to post anything regarding interview process. Got that enthusiasts?
    Have fuuuuun! See you soon