UB CRNA 2012

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    Just wondering if anyone's heard back from UB yet? They said January but hoping to find out a little early:spin:
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    Hi Lrn30,
    Thanks for starting this thread. I interviewed Nov 11 and its really a big pain waiting. I stay on the forums all day and night waiting that someone will comment that they have been accepted. I called the admissions this week and they said by the end of January we should hear something. Is this d only school u applied to? I applied to UMDNJ but UB is my first choice. Let me know if you know anyone that applied. Its my second time interviewing there so I am hoping for the best this time. Best of luck to you as well as we wait.
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    Hi it's nice to see that someone has seen this post lol! This was also my second interview and haven't heard anything yet. Still hopeful since this is the only school I applied to! Good luck and please update if you hear anything!!!
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    How did your interview go this time? I thot I did okay, better than last year. My only hope is Buffalo even tho I applied somewhere before. My Stats are GPA-3.52, CCRN, 4.5years of ICU. Just pray this is enough to get me in this time. I need to get in and be finished.
    Keep me posted. We should be hearing by late february latest.
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    Hi are you online? May be we can exchange emails then phone numbers
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    Ithey probably have a hand full of us that reapplied again. They were so professional. I like that school alot.
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    My interview went well last year but I rotted on the waiting list... This year went well too but spots are limited so you never know. I'll def post if I get any news...
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    If i dont get in again this year, Might retake my GRE for a really competitive grade that will qualify me for most schools. its hard being a slave to one school. I did not get in at all last year. Waiting list is a great step, Just my CCRN this year so this was my downfall last year. We will see how it goes.
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    I check my mail everyday, i think i need to relax, what will be will be. its done already.
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    Hey guys. I am currently a UB SRNA graduating in December. Have you heard anything yet? Are you guys starting the DNP program? You'll be the first if so!