UB CRNA 2012

  1. Just wondering if anyone's heard back from UB yet? They said January but hoping to find out a little early:spin:
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  3. by   careergoal
    Hi Lrn30,
    Thanks for starting this thread. I interviewed Nov 11 and its really a big pain waiting. I stay on the forums all day and night waiting that someone will comment that they have been accepted. I called the admissions this week and they said by the end of January we should hear something. Is this d only school u applied to? I applied to UMDNJ but UB is my first choice. Let me know if you know anyone that applied. Its my second time interviewing there so I am hoping for the best this time. Best of luck to you as well as we wait.
  4. by   Lrn30
    Hi it's nice to see that someone has seen this post lol! This was also my second interview and haven't heard anything yet. Still hopeful since this is the only school I applied to! Good luck and please update if you hear anything!!!
  5. by   careergoal
    How did your interview go this time? I thot I did okay, better than last year. My only hope is Buffalo even tho I applied somewhere before. My Stats are GPA-3.52, CCRN, 4.5years of ICU. Just pray this is enough to get me in this time. I need to get in and be finished.
    Keep me posted. We should be hearing by late february latest.
  6. by   careergoal
    Hi are you online? May be we can exchange emails then phone numbers
  7. by   careergoal
    Ithey probably have a hand full of us that reapplied again. They were so professional. I like that school alot.
  8. by   Lrn30
    My interview went well last year but I rotted on the waiting list... This year went well too but spots are limited so you never know. I'll def post if I get any news...
  9. by   careergoal
    If i dont get in again this year, Might retake my GRE for a really competitive grade that will qualify me for most schools. its hard being a slave to one school. I did not get in at all last year. Waiting list is a great step, Just my CCRN this year so this was my downfall last year. We will see how it goes.
  10. by   careergoal
    I check my mail everyday, i think i need to relax, what will be will be. its done already.
  11. by   gatitaberry
    Hey guys. I am currently a UB SRNA graduating in December. Have you heard anything yet? Are you guys starting the DNP program? You'll be the first if so!
  12. by   Lrn30
    At least a couple of us have been accepted that I know of and yes, we will be the first class to graduate DNP!
  13. by   theRenegade
    I'll be starting there in May 2012..anyone else ?
  14. by   Rabbitw00t
    Quote from theRenegade
    I'll be starting there in May 2012..anyone else ?
    Same. See you all soon