UAB Interview this weekend!!!

  1. 0 Hi, everyone! I'm from Jackson, MS and I have my interview with UAB for grad school this weekend. Is there anyone who has already interviewed at B'ham that can tell me what to expect?

    I have a friend who interviewed last year, who said they didn't ask him a single clinical question. I've heard some weird things: like them making us write an essay, playing games and if you mess up they ask you a clinical question??? I'm not sure if ANY of this is true.

    Also, I've heard rumors that this may be the last year for the Jackson clinical site. Anyone else heard that?

    Any help is appreciated!!
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    Yeah, you pretty much got it. I interviewed through the Montgomery/Central component. I had to play the Operation game. I thought I was up to speed on operation, but apparently there was an updated Simpsons version. Needless to say, the Homer Simpson version was new to me. The guy that makes you write or play the game is the program director, Michael Humber.

    The interview overall was a little more intimidating that the Samford interview that I went on. Laura Wright was great. Oakley was very nice. The others were a little bit intimidating as I mentioned, but not too bad. I really wasnt nervous going into the interview, since I already had one offer.

    There were no clinical questions. Most of the interview consisted of asking what your experiences entails, what you could offer the school, how you intend on paying for it, etc.

    With luck, I will see you in class this fall.

    Let me know if there is anything else I can answer for you.

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    Thank god, they are finally interviewing for the other components. I got my letter and interview on march 4 for the mobile group. Good luck with yours.
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    Just a little FYI. Joe Williams is the Program Director for UAB. Michael Humber is the Director of Clinical Education. Wouldn't want anyone to get confused as to who they were interviewing with Dr. Williams is the head of the entire Nurse Anesthesia Program, Mr. Humber is the head of the clinical education portion of the program.
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    Yeah, I knew that. I guess I should have proof read...the fingers got away from me.

    Lucy are you at UAB now?
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    I figured you knew that, I just didn't want any other readers to get confused

    sent you a PM
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