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  1. I have recently received an invitation to interview at UAB in November for the Fall 2013 program. Does anyone have any tips or advice for the interview process? I know that you go before a panel of people for the interview, but that is about it. Do they ask a lot of clinical questions or is it more of a "get to know you" type of environment? What has the interview to acceptance ratio been in the past (i.e. how many of those interviewed are actually selected?)? Also, what is the least amount of experience that someone has been accepted with. I will be just shy of 1 1/2 years at the time of the interview and I was honestly kind of shocked to even be invited for an interview. Any tips, advice or information will be greatly appreciated! Be blessed!!
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  3. by   CCRN82
    I recently found out I am interviewing at UAB also. I've heard there are a few clinical questions, but it is mainly a "get to know you" type interview. I'd love to know how many people they are interviewing and how many they plan to accept.
  4. by   earthsalt
    Has anyone interviewed yet?
  5. by   CCRN82
    I interview tomorrow
  6. by   spincycle
    Did anyone find out how many interviewed vs. how many will be accepted.
  7. by   nurse468
    What did everyone think about the interview? The ratio that they're going to accept vs interview didn't seem too crazy.
  8. by   spincycle
    What was the ratio??
  9. by   earthsalt
    For the Birmingham component it was essentially a 50/50 ratio from what I hear. As in, they're essentially interviewing twice as many people as they have spots for.
  10. by   CCRN82
    I didn't think the interview was too bad. I nailed the clinical scenario, so hopefully that helped me out.
  11. by   nurse468
    What was the answer?
  12. by   nurse468
    Nevermind. It's confidential. I forgot.
  13. by   spincycle
    Anybody heard anything from UAB about acceptance?
  14. by   CCRN82
    nothing yet. Everyone please post when they hear something. My nerves are shot.