Texas Wesleyan - Mobile, AL site satellite program??

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    Anybody attend or know anything about the program? Anybody else applying for Fall 2013 class? Thanks!

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    Starting tomorrow. Yeehaw! good luck to you.
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    I will be applying for fall 2013. Taking gre in a few weeks! UghGood luck to you!
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    How's it going so far??
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    1 more rec letter and the essay left.
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    Working on the essay and studying for the gre! How was it by the way?Where are you from?
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    1190, I'm in Mobile
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    Quote from i10duck
    1190, I'm in Mobile
    Wow that's awesome. So how long did you study? Triangles are haunting me in my sleep! Lol
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    Hey all,

    I'm applying this fall. I'm taking the GRE even though my GPA is above 3.0. Is this necessary or could it turn south if I bomb it for some reason?

    I'm selecting Denver, Salida, and Ohio as my clinical sites, in that order of preference. I'll go wherever, though.

    I have 2 years MICU experience, 3.86 GPA, just took Biochem and got an A+, taking CCRN hopefully right before the interview (if I get one!). My colleagues think this is more than satisfactory. What does everyone here think? I worked with a CRNA who graduated from TWU and she loved it. She told me the interview was very intense and technical, with the committee grilling her on CCRN topics. Has anyone heard different?

    Good luck to everyone, regardless where you are applying!
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    3.3 gpa, 2+ years experience in a cvicu. I already passed CCRN. The Mobile site interview is specific to Mobile, So it may vary from what you have heard about other sites although I haven't heard any details about it .

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