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Anybody attend or know anything about the program? Anybody else applying for Fall 2013 class? Thanks!... Read More

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    Awesome!! Congrats! Let me know how it goes! Already? When was your app due?

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    Nov 15th, apparently there is a math assessment as part of the interview. That's new to me. Anybody know anything about it?
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    Quote from malamutepants
    Hey TWU students and hopefuls, I am soliciting opinions on GRE scores and this program. I want to get into this program at the Denver site (where I currently live) and am preparing my resume and CCRN study so the odds are in my favor. Here are my GRE scores: 155 math, 163 verbal. I'm sure the analytical section will be at least a 4.0 but I haven't received that score yet. Is this a good number for TWU and how heavily do they weigh in GRE scores? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Anyone else from Denver applying? Thanks!
    They don't weigh it that much, I don't believe. I know a person who got an interview (and accepted) with a 900 (old scoring where the minimum requirement was a 1000)...but that person also dropped out in the first semester. It only matters insofar as whether you will get an interview or not. Once you get the interview, it's all about personality and impressing those interviewing you. With your combined score being >300 and having a solid gpa, you are a shoe-in for an interview. Goodluck!
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    Quote from i10duck
    Nov 15th, apparently there is a math assessment as part of the interview. That's new to me. Anybody know anything about it?
    I don't know anything about a math requirement, but it could be. Here's how the TWU interview works. You will interview with a panel of people. One of them will be a professor from TWU, one will be a clinical coordinator at your interview site, and the rest will likely be CRNA's and possibly an MDA from that facility. At my interview in Denver, there was minimal math. I had to calculate an anion gap from a Chem7, but that was it. That being said, your clinical coordinator could really like questions about math and ask them, but I somehow doubt it will be hardcore stuff. Be able to calculate an anion gap, be able to do dosage calculations on the fly. You should be fine with that...there isn't a lot of calculus in the program.

    Your best bet would be to find someone who is in the program at your site and can tell you about that specific interview, what was asked, etc, because the questions that come at you will obviously be specific to the person asking, and each site will have different people asking questions.
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    Thanks for the tip!
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    Well ,that was tough!
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    How did it go??

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