1. I'm from Tulsa, OK and was wondering if anyone knows exactly how the TCU learning distance program works for CRNA. I've heard that you do the first 8 months online, the first fall will be in Texas, and then the following Spring could be at a Tulsa location? then the residency part could also be at a Tulsa location as well?

    Any knowledge of the program is much appreciated! Thanks!
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  3. by   CowboyMedic
    I am also from Tulsa and you are spot on. First 8 months online, first fall in forth worth, then the next two semester can be done with distant learning at Hillcrest or St. Francis as long as two people chose that option. Then you can do your 16 month of clinicals at Hillcrest, St. Francis, and rotate to St. Francis South.
  4. by   wl0889
    OK Thank You! That is a great option for us here since we don't have any CRNA schools! I will graduate in May 2015 from my BSN program, so the earliest I could start there is January 2017. Are you hoping to go to TCU for CRNA as well?
  5. by   CowboyMedic
    TCU will be my first choice when I get to the point of applying. Right now I am finishing up my prereqs for a Paramedic to RN bridge then I will start working and gaining experience while I get my BSN. I should be done with my BSN by Summer of 2017 at the earliest so I probably will apply for the Jan 2019 start date.