1. Can I get the newly accepted SRNA's admission stats please?

    How many times did you apply and how many schools

    Just a general overview for my personal knowledge, and any other words of encouragement for someone who one day wants to be in your shoes? Thanks!!!!
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  3. by   armynse
    GRE 1190 Verbal 640, Quant 550, Analytical 5.0

    GPA 3.541 (combination of multiple degrees)

    Science GPA 3.9 (one B in freshman lab, minor in Chemistry)

    5 yrs critical care

    One shot, one kill ( got into top choice, would have applied to max of 3 schools)

    Good luck. Stay focused. Believe in yourself. And, don't be afraid of the GRE...I took it many moons post high school!!
  4. by   RRTNeuroRN
    GRE 1080
    GPA 3.9
    5 years RRT and 2 RN experience
    I applied once to five different schools for admission this August. I got interviews at all of them, and I got in at both places I interviewed. I only went to two and cancelled the rest because I got in near my hometown.
    Good luck!! The application process is long......get your things together early.
  5. by   miaminurse74
    I just found out I got accepted into Univ. of Miami for GRE is 1100 combined score 560 math, 540 verbal..GPA is 3.67; have 1 and half years of ICU experience...And that worked!