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Hey guys, I'm starting my anesthesia program Monday, July 24th. To say I'm nervous yet excited would be quite an understatement. The percentages on each are variable, just like Owen Wilson said in... Read More

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    Okay so now MY COUNTDOWN is ON!! I now start school on Monday 8/14. Kinda worried we didn't hear from the other two who posted....LOL! Is that a sign of what is yet to come? Trying to tie up some lose ends and spend some quality time with my family and friends. I just feel so rushed! The sooner we start the sooner we finish sooooooooo here goes!

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    Tomorrow is day 1 of my 24 month journey. Ready or not here I come. Send one up for me guys!!!
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    Good luck! I start the 21st.
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    Hey guys! I'm not dead. Brain dead maybe. Just finished week 3. Through 6 quizzes/tests I'm still clutching onto an A. Got two weeks left on this initial orientation period and then I'll be in the OR on 8/28.

    Thats when the fun starts. We average 4-6 tests/quizzes per week. Keeps us on our toes.

    The first two weeks were rough. We were in class 12 1/2 hrs one day. Spent at least ten hours in class on a few other days. Sitting there is mind and butt numbing.

    Regular class begins 8/28. Class is 1pm is Mon-Thurs. Class usually ends 6-8pm. In the OR Mon and Wed 6am-noon and all day Fri. The next week class is the same but I'll be in OR 6am-noon Tues and Thurs. It alternates like that so I get a three day weekend every other week.

    I've got to get back to studying. My machine check, RSI, Bier block, and spinal anesthesia checkoff is coming up. I'll check in soon.

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