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App deadline was April 1st. Any one received a letter yet?... Read More

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    I was told we should hear mid-end of May. Guess I have to relax and give it a couple more weeks.... I don't care how long I have to wait as long as I get an interview! Good luck RNMAN and let me know if you hear anything. Until then I'll keep praying and hoping for good news!

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    Has anyone heard yet from SMU? Still hopefully waiting on an invite to interview...
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    Good Luck Heather in Ohio as well! Sorry these posts take forever to post once I actually submit them. Doesn't sound like anyone has recieved and interview invite yet. Hopefully that's a good thing that we are still waiting then!! Have you guys applied or interviewed anywhere else?
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    sorry for the earlier negative. everyone best of luck in your interviews.
    hope st. mary's is awesome for everyone.
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    Thanks Put ToSleep!
    I know- I thought my earlier post didn't go through, it does take a while! I am new to this site
    I keep checking my mailbox as well- becoming an addiction! lol-Hopefully we will get invites! Best of luck to all of us!!
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    PutToSleep! and heather in ohio, still waiting right? I check this thing almost daily to see if there's anything new (mid- to end- of May is going to come very slowly). I haven't applied anywhere else as I want to end up in Minnesota, what about you guys? I'm glad to see younger people applying as well. Have you taken any graduate course work? I was going to PM you guys to stay up to date on one another's progress but I guess you need a certain number of posts before you do that.
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    Is it mid May yet? Lol- still waiting I wonder if they will send an email as well...feel like a kid waiting for Santa Claus!
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    I think all three of us are new members and I'm not sure when you are able to PM. I think after 5 posts? I have applied to a couple of schools already. North Dakota and UW La Crosse I got immediate no's from. Both schools said they received a very large number of applications. I also applied to Minneapolis School of Anesthesia last fall and interviewed there. It was a good experience but unfortunately I was put on the "alternate" list. So I'm REALLY REALLY hoping this is my golden ticket. I want this so bad. No matter how long it takes I'm just going to keep trying.... even though I feel like I'm beating my head against a wall. Haha I didn't make it this far to give up now. Hope we hear something soon! I too obsessively check this thread and my mailbox...every day it's not in there I keep hoping it's the next day so I can get the mail again. Hehe. I will let you know the moment I hear something!
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    You will able to send PMs once you have 15 posts.
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    Just recieved my letter today offering me an interview!!!! I'm so happy and excited!!! I hope you guys receive yours soon too!!!

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