St. Mary's University of Minnesota CRNA Interview - page 10

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App deadline was April 1st. Any one received a letter yet?... Read More

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    Has anybody heard anything yet? Or when we should hear something?
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    Hi balt333- I have not heard anything and have no clue as to when we will. Can I ask when you interviewed? I think we should hear something soon since some of the interviews were a month ago. Please keep us informed if you find out any info!
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    I interviewed back on June 6th. The anticipation is killing me!
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    My access ID states invalid, anyone else's ID work?
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    Nope, mine isn't working either
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    Just checked... So far mine is still working. I e-mailed the school and was told we should hear within the next week.
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    Oooo... Mine's down too, not sure how to take that.
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    I got my letter today!! I'm in!!
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    Got my letter too and I'm on the waiting list it could be worse though ill keep trying! Congrats Hehe!!
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    Thanks PUTTOSLEEP. I think everyone who was on the waiting list got in last year? Either way, you are accepted for the following year!