Should I switch ICU's for CRNA school?

  1. Hi all,
    I have an internal dilemma I'm dealing with. I have been seriously interested in preparing for CRNA school for almost 2 years now. My base ICU experience is in Neuro ICU (had many MVA's, OD's, Subdurals,ect) I traveled for a year in the MICU/SICU and Trauma ICU, now I am back in a Neuro ICU.
    My problem is that this new unit I'm in is highly specific and my patients are 9/10 not vented or on pressors (mainly generally healthy people going to and from Angio and Q2hr neuro checks thereafter) I love the people I work with and absolutely adore my manager, but I want a different type of pt then is in my unit. I've been thinking of switching to CVICU or taking up a 2nd job in another hospital, just to stay up with things. BTW...Cardiac is my weak point (never worked) and I know that is critical for a CRNA to understand. Should I just go for it and transfer when I'm eligible? And if I did, that would screw up my manager recomendation, right?
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  3. by   MBCRNA
    You could always cross-train to the CVRR/CVICU and pick up a shift a week or so. I am not sure what to tell you regarding the recommendation. It depends on how your manager feels about you and you leaving, as well as you going back to school. I do agree that you should get some type of cardiac experience though- whatever way you decide to do this is up to you.
  4. by   Designer NP
    Thanks LoveICU,
    They know I'm going back to school but not specifically for what. I have to continue my education regardless what people think of me. The earliest I could apply for CRNA school would be next fall, which wouldn't leave me with much time with a new manager. Have others had problems with the manager reccomendation issue?
  5. by   Happy Halothane
    You have the right idea. Keep in mind, your initial ICU experience should be enough to get meet the critical care requirements for entry to a program.

    Your neuro/trauma ICU likely had 1+ ingredient that I find distinguishes the level of ICU you're in. You should be extremely comfortable with arterial lines, trouble-shooting CVPs; if it was a true neuro ICU you should be very comfortable with ventriculostomies.

    IF I had to pick any 1 type of critical care experience that would prepare your for SRNA success, it would definitely be CVICU. If you can handle fresh hearts, balloon pumps, titrate cardiac indexes with multiple pressors, and understand the hemodynamics of CVVHD/'re in good shape. That doesn't mean a CVICU nurse can handle a fresh trauma or unstable SAH.

    You can't write a book before you can read right? A CRNA needs to able to put in central lines, PACs, arterial lines, be an expert in airway/vent name a few. If a hopeful SRNA doesn't feel comfortable taking care of patients with these pieces of equipment, how can they expert to be experts in these techniques?

    Good luck. I think you're on the right track!
  6. by   pilateschick7
    I would look into cross-training and picking up a shift in the CV ICU one a week or as needed by the CV unit. (My background is neuro ICU also) Have you considered getting your CCRN? This will help you be a more well rounded applicant. I found that with some study time (focused on CV) You also might want to look into the CNRN.
    Hope this helps
  7. by   volatileRRNA
    I see that you live in Texas and assuming that you will be applying to the different schools in Texas?? I didn't interview at the 2 schools in the south but did at TWU and TCU. the requirement is to have a minimum of 1 yr ICU experience which you exceed.
    To get into TCU, you must have ur CCRN which requires some CV knowledge (although u may score very high on other parts and low on CV and still pass - but unlikely). Assuming that u do get an interview and is accepted, CV system is a major focus along w/ Pulm and may be a little overwhelming w/ little background - but is very manageable.
    To get into TWU, you don't need CCRN but will need some CV knowledge for the interview. And along w/ that, they will also ask u questions based on the types of ICU's u worked.
    You've said u worked in the SICU/MICU before also.
    So my suggestion is (if TCU and TWU) that u stay put and study CV like u are studying for the CCRN and actually take it. These school aren't expecting u to know everything ( !!!! 1yr ICU minimum !!!!! ), but to be teachable and prove u were paying attention where u've worked.
    I had also interviewed at other schools ( hey!! had to keep my options open) and u definitely need 2 know ur CV and pulmonary system. So all dependent on where u want to go. Many of my classmates only had Neuro ICU experience and was very weak in CV & did fine. Hey, I thought I knew the CV pretty well until I got into school.