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Hello all I have been searching for any information on the University of Scranton/ Wyoming Valley's Nurse Anesthesia program and cannot find any recent posts. Does anyone know anything about this... Read More

  1. by   RhinoRocketRN
    Does everyone have the same advisor?
  2. by   wwwdwggccrn
    Mine is Dr.******
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  3. by   CVICURN22
    Mine is Dr. *****also. Maybe she is on vacation :-)
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  4. by   wwwdwggccrn

    They wont let you post names or initials on this site i guess. Mine is the associate director
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  5. by   CVICURN22
    I guess that is a oops, mine is the associate director also.
  6. by   CVICURN22
    In acquiring your NY license, is anyone asking for exemption to the infection control and child abuse requirements, or taking the two hour class for each requirement?
  7. by   MSICURN11
    Sorry, I can't help you there...I'm from Pa. I'm assuming we need ACLS,PALS, and BLS to keep current throughout the program. Will they provide us with the re-cert classes?
  8. by   RhinoRocketRN
    Yes they will. I have to call regarding the licensure. Which states do we need besides PA?
  9. by   RhinoRocketRN
    For child abuse, we will be working with children so we won't be exempt
  10. by   CVICURN22
    Thanks Rhino, I think we just need PA and NY license at this time. I'll try and do that child abuse thing online.

    MSICURN, I can not answer your question. I would be interested in whatever you find cos, my PALS gonna expire in December. Either way, ACLS, PALS and BLS are easy to renew online anyways.
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  11. by   MSICURN11
    Okay, Thanks! Sure thing, i'll keep everyone updated! I received an email from my advisor, stating the next progression of the program and more information (Books, new location ,clinical site etc) will be mailed by end of June.
  12. by   RhinoRocketRN
    I finished both online. the NY licensing website has a list of providers. The Child Abuse class takes 2 hours. The infection control course is not timed. You must read and take a test for both.

    Now, searching for a public notary
  13. by   lpnhereicome
    Rhino - Go to the local office of your bank, most bank officers are Notaries and won't charge a fee if you are a customer with them. You can also check with your town/county clerk they are notaries too!!