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Hello all I have been searching for any information on the University of Scranton/ Wyoming Valley's Nurse Anesthesia program and cannot find any recent posts. Does anyone know anything about this program or interview process? ... Read More

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    Thanks! I'll do the same. Best of luck!

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    Anyne hear anything about U of S acceptance yet?
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    I have no idea what happened over there. I was told I would get a response by January and that has long come and gone. When I called, I didn't really get a reason for the hold up.
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    I just called the anesthesia program this AM, they said they sent out the letters and did everything on their part but admissions needs to send them. I called graduate admissions after and they told me that they did not get any decisions yet from the anesthesia program. I then proceeded to explain to her that the program just told me that they sent letters to the admissions office. This office then directed me to the dean of graduate admissions to ask him what the deal is with the situation over there. Soooo. I did that and got his secretary, who told me thaty he is out of the office until next week and she doesnt know any info. what the heck!!
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    Something strange is going on over there. I've been this same story for some time now. Hopefully they straighten things out
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    It's strange... Idk sad bc it's a good program. Everyone will already be going to a different school....
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    got my "letter of acceptance". The acceptance letters for fall 2013 are conditional until negotiations are final between the university and CH. Final notice of acceptance should be around august 1st, if not, no class.
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    Rhino rocket.. I got my letter today too. Did you have to sign a blue form for priority status? That letter is confusing to me
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    I got the same letter as well but I'm already starting at another school this way. I really liked the program at Scranton tho. Based on what I saw at the interview. Anybody knows what the CH stands for?
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    Marco did you have to fill out a blue form?

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