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Hello all I have been searching for any information on the University of Scranton/ Wyoming Valley's Nurse Anesthesia program and cannot find any recent posts. Does anyone know anything about this... Read More

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    Hi CVICURN, did you go to the interview yet? If so, how was it? I was just called to be invited to an interview on wednesday october 24th. I'm super excited and a bit nervous. I'm from Mass so i'll be driving that 6hr drive down there on tues to return on wednesday. this will b my 3rd interview altogether this month. I hope i'm able to stay calm and even keeled. It can be neverwrecking. In any case, if you have not gone for an interview yet, maybe i'll c you there. GOOD LUCK!!!
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    Quote from RhinoRocketRN
    Ditto!! heard back monday.
    Hi RhinoRocketRN,
    Have you gone to an interview yet or just got accepted? Also do you have any insight on the interview process? I'm scheduled for an interview wed october 24. In any case, best of luck in all your endeavors
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    Hi everyone, I hope the holidays are going well for everyone. I just wanted to check if n e one heard back from Scranton regarding admission decisions. Or n e know when we should hear from them? Thanks.
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    Hey Marco, I'm am fine thank you, well dying of nerves! Haven't heard from them yet as well, they said we'll hear in December but its only second week or so maybe later this week or next I hope we'll hear back. Scranton's the only school I applied to so really hoping for the best here.
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    This week or early next.
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    Thx rhino
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    Anyone hear anything from Scranton? January is almost over and still no word?
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    I'm not sure what's happening over there. I called a couple weeks ago. They said that decisions had been made a while ago and had been submitted to the university. However the university has not mailed it. I'm not sure if that is still the case. Call them n c wut they say
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    I'm just confused bc Dr usually calls when you are accepted. Now the university is on break
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    I called today and it seems there is something wrong between the SOA and school of admissions. Because admissions say they are waiting to hear from School of anesthesia, and when i talked to school of anesthesia, they said everything is in admissions hands. So this is my third call in three weeks and I am exceedingly confused as to what is going on. Its already February 4th and no word. I hope they start calling soon.
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    I don't get it, this is ridiculous. They were my first choice, but now I have committed to another program.
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    Im sorry Rhino, they were the only school I even applied to. So where did you commit to?
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    Things happen for a reason. Geisinger.

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