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Hello all I have been searching for any information on the University of Scranton/ Wyoming Valley's Nurse Anesthesia program and cannot find any recent posts. Does anyone know anything about this program or interview process? ... Read More

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    Quote from MSICURN11
    No not yet?....did anyone talk to their advisor?
    I emailed my mentor, no response yet. I guess the mentor has to register us for classes.

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    Does everyone have the same advisor?
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    Mine is Dr.******
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    Mine is Dr. *****also. Maybe she is on vacation :-)
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    They wont let you post names or initials on this site i guess. Mine is the associate director
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    I guess that is a oops, mine is the associate director also.
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    In acquiring your NY license, is anyone asking for exemption to the infection control and child abuse requirements, or taking the two hour class for each requirement?
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    Sorry, I can't help you there...I'm from Pa. I'm assuming we need ACLS,PALS, and BLS to keep current throughout the program. Will they provide us with the re-cert classes?
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    Yes they will. I have to call regarding the licensure. Which states do we need besides PA?
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    For child abuse, we will be working with children so we won't be exempt

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