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I am looking for info from former/current students at Samford in Alabama in regards to interview and campus thanks in advance... Read More

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    Each term was 9 weeks long (or short). So our biochem, physiology I, etc. were only 9 weeks. For some classes, more than others, it was hard (but still manageable). We also had the majority of our didactic work over with when we started clinicals. We had no more tests after the first few weeks of clinicals. We still have a seminar class once a week, but not the stress of studying for tests.

    Now for me, it's just the stress of studying for boards!! :imbar

    I like the idea of front loading so that when clinicals come around you can really focus on applying your new knowledge and not having to worry about tests. UAB has a Patho class during their first clinical term. Ugh. Boards are always stressful, but I'm sure you will do great. You're almost there, the hardest 2 years of your life are almost over! Good Luck!