RN -> BSN -> CRNA ..... Acceptable Path?

  1. Hello all,

    I have just been accepted into an RN program that starts in Jan. My ultimate goal is to be a CRNA. My background is in mechanical engineering, and so I will ultimately be leaving my job for school.

    What I dont have a good feeling for is the most accepted pathway to CRNA. Is it better to go to a BSN program, rather than doing RN to BSN? Especially since, once you get your RN, well then you can do the RN-BSN program while getting your two years ICU expereince and hopefully have the hospital pay for the RN-BSN.

    However, my friends wife is in a CRNA program in Kansas City, and she told me that only one of 15 in her class did the RN-BSN-CRNA path, but she had 20yrs of RN experience. So that makes me think that going to a BSN program is better. But that is what Im trying to figure out.

    Please lend me your opinions, I'd realy appreciate it.
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  3. by   tatiana1656
    There really isn't a big difference as long as you meet & attempt to exceed the admission criteria to apply to anesthesia school. I did the same route as your are planning, and my decision has had no effect on admission into CRNA school.
  4. by   NMB IVP
    I've done it. Several of my friends have done it. Where I grew up in South Alabama, there were several ADN schools around home. The BSN programs would require that you move. I graduated High School in 2002. Graduated with my ADN in 2005. Worked as and RN in a CVICU while continuing to take prereqs for BSN. Completed my BSN in August 2007 through an online BSN program. Started CRNA school January 2008. The best thing about doing an RN to BSN upgrade is that it will help your grades. My last 60 hours GPA was 4.0. As I look back on how I have progressed, I wouldn't have it any other way.
  5. by   stanman1968
    I did it that was my route.