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  1. hi all,
    i am currently pursuing my ADN at Houston Baptist University. The school is quite respected, and I will graduate in slightly over a year. After graduation I plan to work in ER or ICU as I obtain my BSN. I am keeping my future education plans open but at the same time I am looking toward becoming a CRNA. I have been exploring some of the schools in Houston, as well as Texas in general. The only school I have been able to find acceptance rates for has been Baylor, which accepts 12 students per year. Is there a website where I can find admission acceptance rates, as well as the approx. number of students who apply? And, how many CRNAs/students in school to become a CRNA had to apply more than once? The school's websites all say that 3.0 is required-not 3.5 as I thought. What was your GPA when you got in (Not trying to be too nosy here...just curious). Thanks in advance for whatever help you can offer.
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    There's a pretty long thread about GPA/GRE/experience. Check it out.