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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm really interested in becoming a CRNA and when I looked over my undergrad transcript my C in pathophysiology sticks out and I know I should take pathophysiology again - any ideas on good online courses?

    Any advice about online pathophysiology classes would be great and/or applying to CRNA school. I'm only looking to take one course and I'm not sure how to go about doing this.

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  3. by   PluralizesStuffs
    hmm.. I know of two. FSU and UWF. I don't know much about UWF's except that it is online and undergraduate. FSU's is graduate level (NGR5140) and requires instructor consent from Dr. Graven for the class this fall. Dr. Graven has been a good instructor for me in the past, and I've never heard anyone say anything bad about her. You would have to enroll at fsu as a non-degree seeking student, get permission, then email the grad advisor, Carlos Urrutia and he'll enroll you in the class. The good thing about FSU in my experience is that when you discuss this with them, they will stick you in the class, even though it's full and non-degree students get last dibs. And this teacher is very fair. Good luck!
  4. by   orthoRN1986
    Thanks for the info!!! I really appreciate it.
  5. by   jj_42
    University of Mass Boston. It's where I took mine last summer. It was the only graduate course I took and I got in to my top choice school.

    Nursing | Fall 2014 Credit Courses | College of Advancing and Professional Studies at UMass Boston

    It's not cheap but it was exactly what I needed.
  6. by   buspar
    Santa Barbara city college
  7. by   RNyoucute
    jj_42: I know this has been a while but did you find that it was an easy "A"? I ask because I'm getting conflicting informatio.