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Hi- Has anyone applied to Otterbein University's CRNA program? If so, do you know when we will hear about interviews? I was thinking mid February and interviews in March?? Also, wondering how... Read More

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    I interviewed in March and received my acceptance letter for January 2013 about a month later. I had a 3.2 GPA, average test scores, 3 years ICU, 5 years RN work history, CCRN, etc. One great aspect of the program is they allow you to take up to 4 classes before the official start of the program to ease the courseload. I just finished the summer term, and am taking courses for fall, which means I will have 12 hours out of the way before January! I will say that, already, I can tell the program is intense, instructors are well knowledged, and I am confident the program will prepare me well for the field. I am pretty sure 50 or 60 students were interviewed for 20 seats. The interviewers were quite intimidating, asking personal and clinical questions in a 2-panel format. Interviewees had the opportunity to interact with current students who provided tours of Grant Medical Center. Best wishes to you for 2014!
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    That is exciting! congratulations and good luck. Do you live in the Columbus area or will you be commuting? thats awesome that they let you take classes before starting. I live in Centerville and would be commuting which will be 1.5 hr drive. Are your classes everyday or just a few days a week in the beginning. I have everything i need in order to apply, I just have to sit down and fill out the paper work. Awesome that no GRE is required. I took the test and have to re-take because I didnt get the score that I wanted. How intense was the interview? So would you be starting winter 2013?
    My gpa was average for undergrad and i did really well in the BSN program. 2 yrs ICU and almost 4 years total. What do you think made you stand out? sorry for all the questions and thanks so much for your response.