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Hi- Has anyone applied to Otterbein University's CRNA program? If so, do you know when we will hear about interviews? I was thinking mid February and interviews in March?? Also, wondering how... Read More

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    Any word yet on admit/decline letters or emails?

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    Hi All... have any of you heard anything from Otterbein? How is the process going for you? How was the interview? How many people apply vs the 20 that are selected? Please share your experiences. I am planning on applying soon for the January 2014 entrance class. There is not a lot of information out there, I assume as a result of the program being so new. Just looking for some insight. Thanks
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    great question! I am also planning to apply for the 2014 class and was wondering the same thing? has the first class graduated yet and how was the program?
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    I interviewed in March and received my acceptance letter for January 2013 about a month later. I had a 3.2 GPA, average test scores, 3 years ICU, 5 years RN work history, CCRN, etc. One great aspect of the program is they allow you to take up to 4 classes before the official start of the program to ease the courseload. I just finished the summer term, and am taking courses for fall, which means I will have 12 hours out of the way before January! I will say that, already, I can tell the program is intense, instructors are well knowledged, and I am confident the program will prepare me well for the field. I am pretty sure 50 or 60 students were interviewed for 20 seats. The interviewers were quite intimidating, asking personal and clinical questions in a 2-panel format. Interviewees had the opportunity to interact with current students who provided tours of Grant Medical Center. Best wishes to you for 2014!
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    That is exciting! congratulations and good luck. Do you live in the Columbus area or will you be commuting? thats awesome that they let you take classes before starting. I live in Centerville and would be commuting which will be 1.5 hr drive. Are your classes everyday or just a few days a week in the beginning. I have everything i need in order to apply, I just have to sit down and fill out the paper work. Awesome that no GRE is required. I took the test and have to re-take because I didnt get the score that I wanted. How intense was the interview? So would you be starting winter 2013?
    My gpa was average for undergrad and i did really well in the BSN program. 2 yrs ICU and almost 4 years total. What do you think made you stand out? sorry for all the questions and thanks so much for your response.

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