Oakland University CRNA Interview for Fall of 2014

  1. Anyone on here interviewing for Oakland University's (Michigan) CRNA program for fall of 2014? What are your application stats? GPA/ICU Experience/Certifications. Any comments about interviews so far?

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  3. by   westcoast1
    Any idea when they let you know if you are accepted?
  4. by   NurseNurseNurse123
    I have heard the first week in November.
  5. by   MIRN83
    I interviewed at OU and am anxiously waiting to hear back too... Any updates from anyone?
  6. by   MInurse4
    I also interviewed. No word yet. Crossing my fingers for all of us!
  7. by   SickYouNurse
    I emailed Bittinger today. She said accepted and alternates will get calls through next week, those not accepted will receive a letter....good luck everybody
  8. by   MIRN83
    Thanks for the updates guys!
  9. by   Just_An_Illusion
    Hi everyone

    I interviewed Oct 23 and received a call on Halloween accepting me into the program. Yea!! I'm very excited and can't wait to start.

    Good luck to you all.
  10. by   MIRN83
    Congratulations Just_An_Illusion, that's so exciting!
  11. by   Just_An_Illusion
    Thanks MIRN~

    I hope you get a phone call soon. Please keep us updated.
  12. by   MInurse4
    So glad to hear about your acceptance Just_An_Illusion! Congrats! Thanks for the update!
  13. by   NurseNurseNurse123
    Thanks for your input everyone! Anxiously waiting this week! Good luck
  14. by   SInurse8
    Hello! Congrats to Just An Illusion! I am also anxiously awaiting. I interviewed on October 11. Any updates? Good luck to all!