Oakland University CRNA Interviews for Fall 2013

  1. 0 Just checking in with everyone out there to see if anyone who interviewed for Oakland University's CRNA program has heard anything yet? I interviewed Oct 19th. Andrea said she would start to let people know after interviews were over which she said was Oct 24th. I then received an email from her saying that she won't be making any final decisions until they have interviewed for Marquette and this email was sent Nov 2nd. So just curious if anyone knows when these Marquette interviews are and/or if they have heard a decision from OU yet?
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    I interviewed Oct 19. I have not heard anything either. Let me know!
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    I interviewed Oct. 17th and also have not heard from OU yet.

    Anxiously awaiting how to plan my next 9 months!
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    I recently email the admissions coordinator and they said that everyone had been notified by Friday November 9th. I myself did not receive a call but I hope it turned out better for you.
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    I am an alternate :/ Happy to be in the running still but was hoping to be selected and a guaranteed position. Hoping some other people decline so I can get into my number one school!
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    Jnscmidt, how did you find out you were an alternate? Anyone receive an acceptance call on Friday??
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    All calls were made on Friday. They called 23 people who got in, and then all 6 alternates.
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    Has anyone interviewed this fall yet for 2014 addmission?
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    I interviewed at OU, still waiting to hear back!
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    I got in!! Got a call Oct 31. Good luck to you all!
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