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Nervous wife/mom of 2

  1. 0 Hi all,
    I just need some pointers.
    My husband will be starting school next month, and all I hear is how busy it's going to be (which I know) and how I will be doing EVERYTHING when it comes to kids/house ect. I have heard this all before, and (I hope) I am ready for it... I just need some tips to get through it all. We have 2 kids, 2 1/2 and 4 1/2, I will be working .6 to minimize child care, and will also be in school 3/4 to full time. We are living with my folks to off set cost of living, but am not expecting too much help with the house (hubby and I have been doing all the work to this point as we are paying minimal rent) and kids (other then scheduled day care hours we pay my dad for during work/school hours) What are your spouses doing to keep themselves sane, and not down your throats?
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    wow you are gonna be busier than I am! I have no idea how you are gonna work, live like your hubby is deployed so you are a single mom, and go to school. anything can be done, but if there were anyway for you to either get a relative to be a free nanny or postpone your school until he finishes it you might want to consider that. I know you say that you are prepared, and I guess you will find out soon! Prepare to be a single mom, that is what I hear-no I am not in a program yet! but I am planning for my hubby to be the single dad, with very limited work hours, with our 3 homeschooled kids. good luck and would love to hear how your adventure goes-you know when you have all that time to blog everything! lol