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  1. I have an interview at MUSC in Charleston SC in January. I have heard horror stories and was wondering if anyone has gone through their interview process before? thanks in advance!
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  3. by   MyPhilosophy
    I just had my interview at MUSC about two weeks ago. I'm sure this is probably too late for you to use, but hopefully it will help people in the future! I haven't heard any horror stories, and to be honest, this was the shortest and easiest interview I attended. The entire interview process only lasted an hour and a half. My interview time was at 3pm, but they tell you to arrive an hour early. During this hour, you talk with current students, and are allowed to ask them any questions you'd like. It was very laid back, they were all friendly, and all had great things to say about the program. During this hour, you also take a 30 question pre-interview test, which you will bring with you to the interview. It takes about 25 minutes to complete, and was actually pretty tricky. During the interview, there were five people present: The program director, assistant director, and three other professors/instructors. They asked all the typical questions you would expect (Why do you want to be a crna? How have you prepared yourself?) Also some tricker ones (Tell me about a time you've made a mistake). Some ethical ones (What would you do if you smelled alcohol on a coworker's breath). Everyone was very friendly, and you have the opportunity to ask them questions at the end. I spent about 30 minutes interviewing with them. Then you can talk with current students more, or leave!

    Overall, the process was pretty good, but they did not have any sort of pre-interview presentation on the program, or a tour of the facilities. I ended up having multiple questions after I left because I was expecting a more detailed overview of the program when I arrived. So if you have any questions about the program (types of experiences you get, etc.), write them down and ask them to the current students or the faculty at the end of your interview.

    A week an a half after my interview, I was notified by email of my acceptance! Good luck to everyone applying!
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    Congrats! Mine is at the end of the month. I have heard about the pre-test. I was told it was mainly swan numbers, interpret abgs, etc. I also heard the actual interview was heavily clinical and a few personal. So I have been a bit nervous. Hopefully mine will go as well as yours. =)
  5. by   DaisyMae26
    I got accepted into MUSC class of 2015! I had my interview on January 15th. I am super excited!! : )
  6. by   hspicurn
    Congrats on your acceptances to MUSC! I plan on applying this year or next for the CRNA program there. I was wondering if you all wouldn't mind listing your credentials (amount of ICU experience, what sort of unit you completed your ICU experience in, GPA, GRE score, CCRN?, other certifications or experiences you had that you felt helped you to getting to this point) so I can get an idea of what sort of applicants they are accepting. Thanks for your help!
  7. by   serendipitous
    I got accepted for class of 2015! I have a total of 3 years ICU experience in trauma and surgical ICU. I have a 3.8 GPA and got my CCRN before my interview. The competition is great, so I would do as much as you could to make yourself feel comfortable with your skills. Good Luck!
  8. by   stuckest
    I am considering applying this year. What were some of your interview questions? Did you have a lot of clinical questions? Did you have the pre-question quiz?
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    Hi! I'm pretty new here. Want to ask how is CrNA
    program at MUSC?
  10. by   Foramen Magnum
    Hi! How was the first semester or CrNA at MUSC?
  11. by   SRNAMTSA
    how is the program so far? i applied for this year's class
  12. by   BelleRN1239
    hey yall, do yall remember what the time frame was for hearing about interviews at decisions for MUSC? How long after the application deadline did yall hear about an interview and when was the interview? thanks so much!!!
  13. by   Kiroha
    Have any one heard from musc yet for interview date.
  14. by   J&B-RN
    I heard back last week, my interview is set for mid December. Very excited!!!