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Hey everyone! I have applied to Murray State University's CRNA Program for start in the fall of 2013. Anyone else? My question is if anyone has heard whether or not the program has been granted COA... Read More

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    Thanks for the info icu-ickyou! Sounds like your interview went well, I bet you are glad to have it behind you! I'm ready to get this done and excited to see the campus/hospital. Let us know when you find out!

    Gunthor I'd have to agree if you're uncertain about the other school and want to wait to see how Murray state goes losing a deposit is better than ending up with no place to go. Good luck to you!

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    I have also been granted an interview at Murray State for Jan. 11th and 12th at the Madisonville site. I hope you hear good news soon regarding your interview at the Morehead site!! I wonder if the interview process is similar with the Madisonville site, I just wonder bc there will be quite a bit more people I assume...? How long were you there for on the first and second day for the interview?
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    Received my acceptance letter today for Morehead site!
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    I also received acceptance to the Morehead site. My letter came on Friday, 1/11.
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    Got my acceptance letter to the Madisonville site!!
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    Got my acceptance letter to the Madisonville site also!!! Has anyone started a discussion for the Murray State CRNA class of 2015?
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    I got into Murray State's CRNA DNP program! Class of 2018! Anyone else out there?
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    I forgot to add....Morehead site!

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