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  1. Anyone applying for Murray State University DNP program this year? It's their first year for offering the CRNA Doctorate?
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  3. by   ORnurse1971
    I applied. Haven't received invitation to interview yet. I also haven't seen much chatter on the web regarding anyone else applying. How about you?
  4. by   mh0712
    Yes I applied. Not much chat. What was your stats and are you from the area?
  5. by   ORnurse1971
    My GPA is less than stellar. I graduated in 93 with ADN. But just finished my BSN with a 3.8. Murray figures their GPA differently so. It sure what total GPA is now. Most of my career has been in OR but have 18 Months on STICU. Passed the CCRN. Did some job shadowing with 4 CRNAs and also 1 MDA. I did get an interview last year and didn't get in. Went ahead and did PALS and got my KY license. I think we got our interview invites the Friday after Thanksgiving last year. I am from southern IN and work in Evansville.
  6. by   ORnurse1971
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  7. by   mh0712
    Ok awesome. I just finished BSN as well. How was their interview last year? Was told it was laid back and not as difficult as others. Cum GPA is around 3.7 and BSN 4.0, and I have about a year and a half ICU. I am excited about the DNP and definitely want to do their program. Where else have you applied?
  8. by   ORnurse1971
    It was laid back. It consists of two days. The first day was just a bunch of information. We all drew a time slot for our interview. Then we were split in two groups and half went to write an essay while the others had a tour. Then we switched. The next day just consisted of waiting for your interview time. There were several first year students hanging out to answer questions while we all waited. I have not applied anywhere else because I have 4 kids and my husband works in Evansville. I also just really want to go to the Trover/Murray program. I'm thinking that it was right around this time last year that we got our letters. Hopefully it will be soon. Have you done any shadowing? I don't think I asked if you are close to the area??
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  9. by   mh0712
    I have done quite a bit of shadowing. I have been lucky since I hear it is harder and harder to shadow. I am about two hours from the area: however, I applied to the Morehead campus. They only accept six students there, but it closer for me since I have family in the area. It sounds like you have your hands full, but will no doubt do well in the program since you are prepared and determined. Any specific reason they mention
    as to why you were not accepted last year?
  10. by   ORnurse1971
    I called after and they said it was my GPA. I had attended Purdue in prevet program with super hard classes and didn't have my head on straight so GPA suffered. And even though the classes had nothing to do with my nursing degree they still counted it. I'm not very sure I have a chance this year but I have to try. But it sounds like you are a great candidate. It only takes about 5-7 days after interview to find out if you are in or not. I would say your chance are great!! Mine depends on what the rest of the pool looks like.
  11. by   mh0712
    Well the fact is you reapplied and have shown yourself successful in your BSN program. I do not see any reason you would not get in, especially after reapplying. I'm sure you will be fine. Let me know when you find out about the interview. I'm sitting here anxiously awaiting. Just of out curiosity did they say to get your CCRN?
  12. by   ORnurse1971
    No they didn't but a very good friend mine, who is a crna, told me if I did it I would get in. I also read some posts online saying it was a good idea. You have good stats so I wouldn't fret about it. Only 1 of the CRNAs I work with has it. I will post as soon as I get a invite or a sorry letter. Good luck to you!!
  13. by   mh0712
    Sounds good, looking forward to the interview and hopefully meeting in person! I will post whenever interview letters go out. I may test for CCRN in January or February, but no rush. Hope
    you get in and wish you the best!!
  14. by   ORnurse1971
    I will do the same and thank you!!