Midwestern university srna class of 2016

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    Has anyone applied to midwestern university crna program? can anyone give hints on the program's interview experience for the class of 2015 that just started? Thanks.

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    Hey! Yea, applied in July 2012. Will be starting the program this June. The interview is pretty laid back. I interviewed with a panel of three: a clinical instructor, a classroom instructor, and the program director. They seem to be mainly looking at your personality and involvement in professional organizations. There was one small math question. Nothing too stressful. Hope this helps a bit. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask.
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    Thanks cmann49....How long did you had to wait before you were called for an interview?
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    Is anybody interviewing at Midwestern July? I am scheduled for July 26.
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    Oadewoye....congrats on getting an interview!!! Sorry for not getting back to your last question. Let me know if you have any particular questions about the interview process or the program in general. Also, if you're interested, I can try and meet with you on the day of your interview and tell you a little bit about the program.

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    thanks so much...yes i would love to meet you....I'm Omar by the way.not sure if I can PM you on here.
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    I can be reached at cmann26@midwestern.edu

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    Got into Midwestern University! Hurray class 2016!
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    oadewoye congrats on your admission!! I have an interview for the Class of 2016 beginning of October. Can you tell me about the interview? How soon after the interview did you find out you were in??
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    CVIVULE thank you so much...well first of all be yourself and make sure you can talk about everything thats on your resume...For my interview questions were asked on ABGs, Vent settings based on given ABGs, EKG interpretations, ACLS protocol, and since I am a CVICU nurse, questions were asked about hemodynamics r/t Open heart pts....the interview was 30mins long....The day started at 8am with one of the professors talking to all of us about the school and the program; and questions and concerned were answered by the prof.....then the group was split into two groups.. one group went for the tour of the campus while my group was interviewed first, then we went on our tour later....the day ended at 1pm. I had my interview on a friday and received my acceptance call the very next monday!....its a laid back interview...the panel consists of 3 prof i.e the director of the prog,clinical co-ordinator and one prof...Thats the only school I applied to so far...still looking into other schools thou....how many schools have u applied too? wishing you all the best and if you have any other questions pls let me know!

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