Memorial hospital of rhode island nurse anesthesia class of 2018 - page 3

Hello there, Has anyone else applied to this school? Anyone know of how many students typically apply/how many are interviewed? Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks!... Read More

  1. by   Brooke.FutureCRNA
    Still nothing. It would have been nice to at least have a follow up email to let us know what they are considering, even if they don't have official answers. I've accepted at Duke though! Super excited about that! Is everyone else interviewing or accepting elsewhere! Good Luck!!!
  2. by   Sara D.
    Congrats on your acceptance Brooke! Unfortunately still no news from MHRI, although I don't know if it's simply no correspondence w/ me, or if it's lack of correspondences in general. I sent the director an email on 10/10 requesting an approximation for anticipated interview invitations and he got back to me the next day w/ "Nov-Dec, thank you."

    In any case...Happy Holidays, Positive Thoughts & Warm Wishes to All!!!
  3. by   Sara D.
    Hello All,

    I received word from the MHRI director this morning regarding the 2018 cohort...he said that at this time, they are not continuing w/ admissions. :c(
  4. by   lindseyhein
    Is anyone going to ask for the application fee back?
  5. by   Sara D.
    That's not a bad idea, seeing as this hospital closure has obviously been in the works since prior to our application deadline. :c/
  6. by   Mariaharoy
    I've been trying and haven't gotten ahold of anyone
  7. by   Zlndr23
    Has anyone contacted them regarding a refund on our application fee?
  8. by   Sara D.
    I reached out to Mark Foster about potentially reimbursing applicants for the 2018 cohort, but never heard back. I think we can all consider this one a loss. :c/